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Management for Setesdal Vesthei- Ryfylkeheiane
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Title Address Description
Eikerapen gjestegård
Gamle Gardsvegen 30, 4544 Fossdal, Norge
Dølen hotell
Thorvald Haavardstads veg 3, 4735 Evje, Norge
Revsnes hotell
Revsnes Hotell AS,, Setesdalveien 2031, 4741 Byglandsfjord, Norge
Sølvgården hotell
Setesdalsvegen 3214, 4748 Rysstad, Norge
Bykle hotell
Sarvsvegen 2, 4754 Bykle, Norge
Haukeliseter fjellstue
3895 Edland, Norge
Sirdal høyfjellshotell
Fidjeland, 4443 Tjørhom, Norge
Hunnedalsvegen 3231, 4335 Dirdal, Norge
Lysefjorden turisthytte
Lyseveien 14, 4127 Lysebotn, Norge
Verkshotellet Jørpeland
Direktør Poulsonsgate 2, 4100 Jørpeland, Norge
Ryfylke fjordhotel
Verven 9A, 4230 Sand, Norge
Øvre Kilen 1, 4244 Nesflaten i Suldal, Norge
Hordatun hotel
Håra 18-20, 5760 Røldal, Norge
Ljosland fjellstove
Nye Gruvevegen 17, 4540 Åseral, Norge

Public transport

It is possible to travel by bus or boat to many of the protected area’s approaches. For example, the Setesdalsekspressen bus service between Kristiansand and Haukeli will take you right past Langeid, Brokke, Berg and Hovden. In Ryfylkefjordane, there are boat services from Stavanger to Lysebotn, Hjelmeland and Sand that are the starting points for further transport to the approaches in the west. There is also a bus service between Stavanger and Lysebotn during the summer. In addition, there are many local bus services that will get you to suitable starting points for trips into the protected areas. An overview of information about public transport services and timetables can be found at the national travel planner Entur.  

Dog watching the fjord.


Many tourism companies can be found on the outskirts of the protected areas. You can choose between staying at hotels or more simpler overnight stays at campsites or rental cabins. There is a strong focus on local food and the dissemination of local culture, so you can look forward to an interesting stay in and around SVR. A complete overview of accommodation possibilities can be found at Visit Sørlandet and Visit Rogaland.

These hotels offer accommodation all year round:

Eikerapen Gjestegard Dølen Hotel Revsnes Hotel Sølvgarden Hotel Bykle Hotel Haukeliseter fjellstue Sirdal Høyfjellshotel Byrkjedalstunet Lysefjorden turisthytte Verkshotellet Jørpeland Ryfylke Fjordhotel Energihotellet Hordatun Hotel Ljosland fjellstove Hovdestøylen hotell Hovden Fjellstoge

Dog watching the fjord.