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Management for Setesdal Vesthei- Ryfylkeheiane
E: sfagpost@statsforvalteren.no



The Protected Area Board for Setesdal Vesthei, Ryfylkeheiane and Frafjordheiane (SVR) is the administrative authority for the 17 protected areas that are presented on this website. The Protected Area Board consists of key politicians from the 11 municipalities and 2 county authorities that have land in the protected area. The Protected Area Board has an administrative secretariat consisting of three protected area administrators. These are located in Valle, Sirdal and Suldal. The SVR Protected Area Board is responsible for the operation of this website. They also have their own webpage. 

Contact information

Email: sfagpost@statsforvalteren.no

Valle office

Protected area administrator Jørn Trygve Haug, fmavjth@statsforvalteren.no, telephone: +47 952 07 083

Sirdal office

Unmanned until spring 2023

Suldal office

Protected area administrator Alf Odden, fmroaod@statsforvalteren.no telephone: +47 480 44 583