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Wild reindeer management





Management for Setesdal Vesthei- Ryfylkeheiane
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The wild reindeer population is managed by the landowners and is organized through Setesdal Ryfylke Wild Reindeer Association. The wild reindeer association’s key tasks involve monitoring the population and preparing population plans and culling plans. You can read more about the  wild reindeer association on their website.  

The Wild Reindeer Board for the Setesdal area is a public board with representatives from the municipalities located in the wild reindeer area. The wild reindeer board’s tasks involve approving hunting grounds, counting areas (minimum area), population plans and stipulating annual hunting quotas. You can read more about the  wild reindeer board on their website.

The area (habitat) is managed by the municipalities. A dedicated protected area board is responsible for managing the protected area. Many of the largest protected areas in Setesdal Ryfylke were established to safeguard wild reindeer habitat. Wild reindeer are therefore part of the protection objective for many of these areas.

Setesdal Ryfylke and Setesdal Austhei wild reindeer areas have been given national wild reindeer area status. A  regional plan has been drawn up for both of these areas.