Activities and experiences

There are a number of enterprises in the vicinity of SVR that offer various activities in and close to the protected areas. In addition to the presentation below, please visit the enterprises’ websites for more information regarding services and offers.




Management for Setesdal Vesthei- Ryfylkeheiane



Title Address Description
Haukeliseter fjellstue
3895 Edland, Norge
3895 Edland, Norge
Lii Gard
Livegen 18, 4754 Bykle, Norge
Helgøy skyssbåt
Helgøyvegen 9, 4167 Helgøy i Ryfylke, Norge
Outdoor Life Norway
Jørpeland, Norge
Sirdal Safari & Adventure
Indregarden 11, 4440 Tonstad, Norge
Sirdal Huskyfarm
Runtleneset 22, 4440 Tonstad, Norge

Sirdal Huskyfarm

Sirdal Huskyfarm is located south of Tjørhom in Øvre Sirdal in Agder. Sirdal Huskyfarm offers a wide range of summer and winter activities, and focuses especially on providing experiences of the unique nature and cultural history found in the area. Among other things, they offer both short and long trips with teams of dogs in the high mountains.

Find more information at Sirdal Huskyfarm’s website

Dog watching the fjord.

Sirdal Safari & Adventure

Sirdal Safari & Adventure offers guided tours and accommodation and is located at Kvæven in Øvre Sirdal. Sirdal Safari & Adventure offers both accommodation in an old Heiberg cabin at Kvæven Mountain Museum, and guided tours to places such as Svartvassmagasinet and Kjerag.

Find more information at Sirdal Safari & Adventure’s website

Dog watching the fjord.

Explore Lysefjorden

Explore Lysefjorden is a company that provides guided tours and is located at Gøysa Farm at Forsand in Rogaland County. Explore Lysefjorden offers guided tours to various trip destinations around Lysefjorden during both summer and winter. Most famous are trips to Preikestolen and Kjerag. In addition to showing the way, Outdoorlife Norway focuses on providing insight into and knowledge about nature.

Find more information at Explore Lysefjorden’s website

Dog watching the fjord.

Helgøy Skyssbåt

Helgøy Skyssbåt is a shuttle boat company that has high-speed vessels of different sizes. During the summer, they offer guided fjord cruises on weekdays. They also offers tailor-made boat trips for different groups.

Find more information at Helgøy Skyssbåt’s websitet

Dog watching the fjord.

Lii Farm

Lii Farm is located in Bykle and has many things to offer. It is a place where you can stay overnight, meet animals, rent equipment and book guided ski trips in the mountains.

Find more information at Lii Farm’s website

Dog watching the fjord.

Fjellreinskolen (Wild Reindeer School)

Fjellreinskolen is a dissemination enterprise that is located at Hovden and Bjåen in Bykle. Fjellreinskolen offers teacher guidance, teaching materials and activities aimed at the school system. Fjellreinskolen’s vision is to disseminate knowledge and experiences about local nature, culture and history in order to create a sense of belonging and identity.

Find more information at Fjellreinskolen’s website

Dog watching the fjord.

Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge

Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge is Norway’s most visited tourist cabin and is located next to the E134 road at Haukelifjell. In addition to accommodation and dining, Haukeliseter offers a variety of activities during both summer and winter. This includes things such as guided summit trips, trips with a dog team and a wide range of outdoor-related courses.

Find more information at Haukeliseter Mountain Lodge’s website

Dog watching the fjord.