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Advice when visiting

With a few exceptions, visitors may travel freely through the protected areas on foot or on skis. Below is a little list of things to remember for those planning a trip.




Management for Setesdal Vesthei- Ryfylkeheiane
E: sfagpost@statsforvalteren.no



  • There are travel restrictions in some areas during the spring due to wild reindeer migratory areas or calving grounds. An overview can be found at Miljøstatus.no, or in this PDF file.
  • Wild reindeer are shy animals and should be left to graze in peace. Winter is a bottleneck, especially for pregnant wild reindeer. Use your binoculars and retreat slowly and choose a different route if you meet wild reindeer while on your trip.
  • Birds of prey are easily disturbed when at their nesting sites. Try to keep your distance from these places.
  • Feel free to take your dog with you on a trip, but you must keep it on a leash from 1 April to 20 August. Please note that many municipalities have extended the period of time in which you must keep your dog on a leash. More information can be found on the various municipalities’ websites.
  • The sheep find more than enough food in the hills. You don’t have to share your packed lunch with them.
  • Make sure you don’t leave any traces behind. Take home what you brought with you on your trip.
  • Having a campfire can be a really nice thing to do on a trip, but remember that campfires are prohibited in the period 15 April – 15 September. Do not chop down trees to make a campfire. Use dry twigs and branches that you find on the ground or dead wood on trees.
  • Off-road cycling is prohibited in the protected areas throughout the entire year. You are allowed to ride your bike along the roads once the snow has melted.
  • Hunting and fishing are permitted but remember that you must get permission from the landowner (hunting and fishing licenses)

Wild reindeer certificate

Knowledge about wild reindeer provides an understanding of why and how one should show consideration towards the animals. The wild reindeer certificate is one way of acquiring such knowledge. By taking a test, you can find out if you are ‘qualified’ to travel in the wild reindeer mountains. Take the wild reindeer certificate test at: villreinsertifikatet.no